Shampoo for Hair Loss

Facts about Hair Loss

If reports are to be believed, two in three men can expect baldness to set in before they reach 50 and almost 40% of the women in the 40 to 50 age group lament hair loss. It is quite normal to lose 40 to 100 hairs every day but when 25% of the hair in the scalp has been lost and there is no further growth, then baldness is apparent. Loss of hair happens gradually over a period of time. Studies have shown that it takes almost 5 years for the follicle roots to stop growing hair totally. On an average, there are about 1000 hairs in the human scalp. Every strand of hair has a lifespan of about 4 to 5 years. During this time period, the hair grows at the rate of about an inch per month. When the strand of hair comes to the end of its term, it falls out and is soon replaced by a new strand within six months. The problem arises when the scalp fails to give birth to new hair.

Reasons for Hair Loss

There can be many causes of hair loss. Prolonged illness is one of the most common causes of losing excessive hair. This combined with stress is a major reason for a loss of hair. Hormonal imbalance is another factor that triggers hair loss. During pregnancy or menopause, many women lose lumps of hair as the balance of hormones is upset. There are some fungal infections as well that lead to loss of hair. Hereditary factors also lead to hair loss. Most of the times the diseases that are passed down from one generation to another causes hair loss.

You are required to consult the doctor if you face these conditions:

  • when hair is lost in a typical fashion;
  • when hair is lost early in life;
  • when itching accompanies a loss of hair;
  • when there is acne or menstrual irregularities in women.

Hair Loss Shampoo

Hair loss can be traumatic. Thanks to advanced technology as there are now numerous products in the market that help to take care of hair loss. Most of the products comprise botanicals that prevent the growth of DHT which causes hair loss. The many hair loss shampoos consist of essential oils and herbs that are known to encourage hair growth. These are added to basic shampoo to prepare hair loss shampoos. The ingredients that are used are natural, non-toxic and do not cause after effects. Most of the hair loss shampoos require that it be followed by a cleanser and then a conditioner as these work best to prevent hair loss. Most of the products are natural and there are no harsh chemicals. There are absolutely no harmful animal products in the hair loss shampoos.

Benefits of Hair Loss Shampoo

Some of the benefits of hair loss shampoos are that it promotes the growth of hair. The regular use of these shampoos causes the dryness and the itchiness of the scalp to stop. Hair loss shampoos also encourage healthy blood circulation. These increase the shine of the hair. The shampoos facilitate deep cleansing and also provide the rich nutrients that the hair requires. It leads to the growth of healthy and strong hairs. Hair loss shampoos are imperative for both men and women who are suffering from embarrassing hair loss. These shampoos remove the sebum that blocks the hair follicle from where the hair grows. The shampoos also cleanse the hair thoroughly and remove any debris that can slow down hair growth

There are shampoos which cater to different hair requirements. There are shampoos for normal, dry and oily hair. The shampoos are tailor-made to suit the different requirements of the customers. The hair loss shampoos containing the right ingredients can be used to treat the problem of hair loss effectively. It is recommended to take expert advice before embarking on any hair care program.