Hair Styles Depending Upon Porosity

Depending Upon Porosity

Porosity is a term used to describe the measurement of your hair’s ability to soak up moisture. Most of the time porosity is measured by the state of the layer of the cuticle of your hair. The layer of the cuticle sits the part that covers the scales of your hair shaft. Most of the time, it is also rated as high, low and normal. When you have healthy or normal hair, you are going to find that the hair cuticle is going to be packed together and it is going to slow down the diffusion of the moisture that is in the hair shaft. This is going to cover the moisture coming in and the moisture that is coming out.

At the time that the hair cuticle is excessively packed together, it puts off the process of diffusion of the moisture that takes place in the hair which means that there is low porosity. When you have hair that has a low porosity, you would find that it is very difficult to treat and it is very opposed to hair color and perms. If you have hair that has low porosity, you need to make sure that you take the time to soften it before you go out and get another chemical procedure done on your hair.

When you have hair that has high porosity, you may find that it is going to have an open cuticle layer and it is going to soak up the moisture readily. One thing that you should know about hair that is overly porous is that it is going to let go of the moisture very quickly and it is more likely to get dry and damaged very easily. One thing that you should know is that conditioning treatments are acid balanced and they are made to use in order to compress the layer of the hair cuticle and to also confine the moisture on the hair that is considered to be overly porous.

Porous Hair

Overall, you should know that there are a lot of things that are depending on porosity. When you have hair that is overly porous, you need to remember that you may have to take a lot of care when you are having any type of chemical service performed on your hair so that you can prevent any sort of damage. Depending upon porosity, hair will have the ability to be colored a lot stronger and quicker if the hair is overly porous. The reason for this is that dermi-permanent and semi-permanent hair colors are going to turn pale too soon.

Depending upon porosity, you should also know that hair that has a high porosity has a tendency to process straighteners and perms too quickly. If you want to find out the porosity of your hair, all you have to do is feel your hair while it is dry and feel it again when it is wet. If you seem to be straw like when it is dry or if it feels like rubber when it is wet, you are more than likely going to have some problems with your hair being overly porous.

If you would like, you can actually test the porosity of your hair. If you would like to get an accurate test of the porosity of your hair, you can make use of three different areas of your hair. The areas that you can make use of are the area close to the crown, the area to the front of your ears and the area of the front of the hairline. As you have learned in this article, depending upon porosity, you can have a lot of trouble with your hair. So, I hope that you have learned that depending upon porosity; you may have to make some changes to the way that you style your hair.