Hair Drying

Did you know that you could style your hair with a hair dryer? A hair dryer can produce a quick and a good hairstyle comparable to that got by going to the beautician.

Hair Drying Tips

Hair drying is extremely important though it is not given its due importance. Bad hair drying can actually break your hair and cause further hair fall. Hair, even though is basically a dead cell, it needs to be handled with care. There are numerous ways by which you can dry your hair. Hair drying can contribute a lot to your hairstyle. A badly dried hair looks dead and slacks. Here, we give you some golden tips in hair drying.

Drying wet hair

Wet hair is always more fragile and susceptible to breaking. Hence more care must be given to drying with special emphasis on the temperature of the air used for drying. Instead of drying your hair by wiping with a towel, it is better to tie the towel around your hair like a turban after the wash. Leave it on for ten minutes or more. During this time, all the moisture on the hair will be transferred on to the towel. This dries your hair considerably without causing it much damage. Since there is no tough movement with the towel, no breakage also occurs.

Importance of a hair dryer

After it has been dried with a wet towel, use a hairdryer. Selecting a hairdryer is one of the many important hair drying tips. When you go to purchase a hair dryer, you must make sure that the hair dryer has adjustable heat. Using the dryer at high temperature will damage your hair. It might dry your hair quickly, but it will also break it with equal speed. Hair dryers must be used only after the hair has been dried first with a towel. If at all, you are in a hurry and your hair is soaking wet with no time for the towel treatment, go for moisturized drying.

Here you first apply a lotion to your wet hair. This lotion will act as a protective shield against the hot air coming from the dryer. Now keep the dryer at a minimum distance of about twenty centimeters and dry your hair. Your hair is dry and more importantly safe. Lotions too must not be used regularly. Avoid drying your hair for the last minute rush as much as possible. This is one of the few hair drying tips that must be remembered always.

Hair Drying Tips for Hairstyling

Did you know that you could style your hair with a hair dryer? A hair dryer can produce a quick and a good hairstyle comparable to that got by going to the beautician. Whether it is curls, waves or a straight ironed look, a good hairdryer can do it all. When we consider styling with a hairdryer, length of hair becomes important. The hair dryer can be put to different uses depending on the length of the tresses. Let us see how.

The hair dryer can be used to set short hair. It gives a uniform finish after a good shower. Since the length is short, the hot air also covers the hair uniformly and dries it to perfection. For long hair, things get a little complex. But we have a great hair drying tip which works there too. Take around fifteen to twenty strands of hair in your hand. Use the dryer, starting from the roots and proceed towards the tip and repeat it for other portions of the hair. A shine will be imparted when the hair is dried this way. Use clippers after a wash when the hair is wet and run the dryer over the clipped hair. A slight wavy curl will be obtained this way.

Precautionary hair drying tips

Any treatment which uses a tool requires certain precautions. The same rule applies here too. To begin with, keep the dryer at a moderate temperature. As mentioned earlier, too hot hair can break the hair strands and lead to split ends. Maintaining a good distance between the hair dryer and the hair is important. Avoid using the dryer every day. This will eventually damage your hair as a long-term effect.